Biography Mercedes Mercado


Creation is an extension on its own, a way to artistically expand its roots and grow developing itself within your bodies”.

Here is Mercedes Mercado, pupil of life and dreams, able to express through textile design her most intimate vision about our attitudes according to times.

Servants. We are an indispensable part of her inspiration profit. This is the way Mercedes Mercado comes into the world, imagining projecting on cloth her infinite feeling. “She was born under a charmed land spell, Granada”. And it is here where professional career in this field begins.

Advanced Fashion Design Technician, her career continued in 2009 with the recognized designer Elio Bernhayer, taking part into the same year Young Designers Fashion Show and winning one of the prizes. Her designs were shown in the 3rd edition of Fortuny Fashion Show.

She has taken part in 2009 and 2011 South 36.32n – New Fashion Latitud Showroom, and also in the 6th, 7th and 9th Andalucía de Moda contest editions.

In 2011 she appeared as an acclaimed Grenadian designer, in the IV Pasarela Fortuny, showing her collection named “Parenthesis”.

In 2012 she attended the workshop, performed by Alvarno designers in Granada. She was also chosen to take part in the 1st edition of Cádiz Preview, showing some of her most relevant designs. Muestra de Cine Andaluz y del Mediterráneo 8th and the 9th editions official designer.

In 2013 she won the Joven Promesa 2.55 Moda y Comunicación prize, and presented independently her new collection “Amalgama”. In the current year Zoom magazine has shown her as one of the most-projected emerging designers. Besides, she is being PA-TA-TA photography contest official designer.

“…looking forward to making the long way left to be walked”.